The History
Rock Creek Crates started in 2014 by a couple of dog owners and upland game hunting buddies who wanted a better crate solution for their dogs. “The” Rock Creek is a tributary of the Black Smith Fork River with the confluence occurring on the Hardware Ranch Wildlife Management Area. Hardware Ranch and associated area (Blacksmith Fork, Rock Creek and Curtis Creek) provide miles of year round access to fishing, hunting, watchable wildlife and other outdoor recreational activities.

The Passion
After yet another broken plastic crate during a cold November pheasant hunt and the second crate with a broken piece on the screen door latch, we’d had enough from the local pet shop! The plastic gets thinner and cheaper as the price goes up. We set out to design the optimal, lightweight, affordable, field tested aluminum dog crate. We wanted one that was stable, solid, roomy and aesthetically appealing.

Just about everyone has had at least one of those cheap plastic crates tip, slide and/or roll with their dog inside.  This often scares the dog to death, making the next kenneling event seem more like herding cats instead of training dogs.  Like most breeders or dog owners, we wanted something we could easily clean, that seemed comfortable to the dog and wouldn’t break, crack, rust, or tip over during transport.

The crates we sell, are the crates we use in the field, at a hunt test or taking a litter to the vet. We’ve personally field-tested the structure, size and design. We’ve tweaked a few things  to get the optimum engineering out of our crate.  That’s the advantage of designing, building and using your own. Designed to last the life of your dog and beyond.

Long lasting quality at a fair price never goes out of style.