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Aluminum Powder Coated Crate

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The new 2016 crate models include:

  • 4 recessed aluminum spring loaded handles with rubber trim.
  • New “dog safety” air flow design. We’ve added functionality coupled with a good looking air design that will assist in keeping  your dog safe and secure.
  • 4 new Rectangular thermoplastic rubber feet with steel support bushing molded from “Thermoplastic Rubber” bumpers provide good traction and excellent shock absorbing qualities; unlike natural rubber they have good non-marking qualities and outstanding resistance to stress cracking.
  • 8 new frame constructed steel rivet -nuts for attaching the thermoplastic feet. Rivet nuts are internally threaded fasteners inserted into aluminum frame and attached with stainless steel screws and Loctite.

Powder Coated crates start at $470


X-Large:        42" x 28" x 32" Inches (LWH) 57Lbs
Large:          36" x 24" x 27"  Inches (LWH) 45lbs
SidexSide/SUV:  31" x 22" x 27" Inches (LWH) 42Lbs
Medium:         30" x 20" x 22" Inches (LWH) 40 Lbs

Product Description

We offer over 50 colors and textures including clear coat and anodized powder coating.  Vein textures are available in Silver, Gold and Copper. 

About Power Coating
Powder paint is simply pigment encapsulated in a powdered resin and is thus simply thought of as “Paint without the solvent”. The coating is applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a “skin”. The charged powder particles adhere to the electrically grounded surfaces until the powder is heated and fused into a smooth or textured coating in the curing oven. The result is a uniform, durable, high quality and attractive finish. Powder coating is the fastest growing finishing technology in North America, representing over 10% of all industrial finishing applications. The real advantage of powder coating is the reduction in air pollution compared to liquid coatings. When powders are cured in an oven they emit no VOCs. Powder coating does not have a liquid carrier, it can produce thicker coatings than conventional liquid coatings without running or sagging, and powder coating produces minimal appearance differences between horizontally coated surfaces and vertically coated surfaces. It is used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

• Crate is made in the USA
• Comfortable housing for large & medium breed dogs for short and long transports
• Lightweight aluminum is easy to lift and handle
• Rear wash out holes in rear skin
• “Tie Down” holes in the front and back of the crate – very stable, secure ride
• Wash down drain holes in the front and rear of the inside floor.
• 1” X 1” Hand welded aluminum tubing frame for high impact resistance and structural reliability
• Aluminum sheeting is machine stamped and formed for a precision fit
• Industrial grade stainless steel rivets
• Non-slip rubber feet
• Black powder coated, steel lockable latch
• Well ventilated
• Very low hardware profile
• Can fit up to 4 crates in a standard bed pickup
• Won’t rust, crack or mold
• Easy grip rubber handles

The Importance of Crate Training
Crate training is a sure-fire way of getting a well-mannered, well behaved puppies and dogs. Crate training uses a dog’s natural instincts as a den animal. A wild dog’s den is his home, a place to sleep, hide from danger, and raise a family. The modern crate becomes your dog’s den, an ideal place where your dog can find comfort and solitude while you know he’s safe and secure.

• Potty training tool, a place that dogs instinctively avoid soiling.
• House training tool
• Reduce separation anxiety
• Prevent destructive behavior
• Assist in setting up a daily routine
• Most young dogs, which have been introduced to a crate while young, grow up to prefer their crate to rest in or have down time.
• Attractive for indoor, outdoor
• Lockable or use a carabineer

Next to steel, Aluminum is the most commonly used and commercially available metal. Its light weight and high strength-to-weight ratio making it a good choice for everything from aircraft to flashlights to jigs to just about anything else you can make out of metal.

Principal Design Features of 5052 Aluminum Alloy

• Magnesium- 2.2%-2.8% by weight
• Chromium- 0.15%-0.35% maximum
• Copper- 0.1% maximum
• Iron- 0.4% maximum
• Manganese- 0.1% maximum
• Silicon – 0.25% maximum
• Zinc – 0.1% maximum
• Others each 0.05% maximum
• Others total 0.15% maximum
• Remainder Aluminum
• The alloy may be forged in the temperature range of 950 F down to 500 F.
• We recycle all unused products


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