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Product Description

Crate Gear & Saddle Bags

We’ve engineered a crate and skin design that would incorporate a concept not seen on the market today. We added stainless steel threaded grommets on the inside of the skins. At 3000 lbs of pressure, the grommets are machine pressed into the 5052 ALU skins. Each grommet is rated to hold  up to 300 lbs. Complimented by our hand welded 1″ x 1″ aluminum internal frame we could now add IATA bumpers, gear bags and other modular items that fit your need and usage.

We developed two styles of gear bags in a medium and large that can QUICKLY be attached to the side of your crate with our without a crate cover. In the summer when you don’t need a crate cover but still need to haul your gear,  simply add the side bags and GO! In the winter, when a cover is needed, the side bags can be used with the crate cover. Its a modular, seasonal system suited for your needs.

Large Bag:

4 crate attachment points to hold its weight and more!
Plastic sleeve backing sewn between two 600 denier PU fabric layers which lays flat against the crate and maintains shape
Lower portion of the large bag is gusseted to fit larger items like boots, gear or geese
Style# 6875, 600 x 600 denier PU (Polyurethane coating brown base color)
Full length zipper to secure & protect your gear from the elements
Designed for 1 Large bag per side of crate

Medium Bag:

2 crate attachment points to hold its weight and more!
Flexible draw string and buckle to keep your gear protected from the elements
Breathable mesh liner sewn into the lower front of the bag
Style# 6875, 600 x 600 denier PU (Polyurethane coating brown base color)
You can fit up to 3 medium bags per side of crate

Ships with:

D Rings with nylon protectors against the crate skin
Stainless hex nuts & washers
Attachable and detachable steel hooks are sewn into the bag for quick deploy system

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Crate Gear bag

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