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Say goodbye to flimsy dog crates

At Rock Creek Crates we've overbuilt our aluminum dog crates and engineered something that is genuinley made to last. This truly is a powerhouse when it comes to dog crates - and we feel confident it's the strongest dog crate out there.

Constructed without compromise

Internal welded frame

Aircraft grade aluminum

Made in the USA

10 Year guarantee

What Makes Us Different?

We designed a stronger, safer dog crate — one worthy of our best friends. Each crate features an internal welded frame — a unique technique offering unmatched durability and precision construction. All external features tie into the frame, giving our dog crates extra support where they need it most. No matter what type of dog you have, all benefit from the durability, structural integrity, and functional design.

5 Star Crash Test Rating

"The first metal kennel to pass our testing, which is a significant achievement.

Lindsey A. Wolko, Founder, Center for Pet Safety

Security. Safety. Peace.

Put any break-out fears to rest; add Secondary Door Bolts to your crate. Highly recommended for dogs with separation/crate anxiety, escape artists, large breeds, and high-drive dogs. Advised for road travel - meets crash test standards.

Easy to clean

Easy to carry

Non slip feet

Does not rattle

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