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Rock Creek Crates

Stationary Dog Crate

Stationary Dog Crate

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Best for Durability

Door Style
Size Chart

10-Year Warranty

We build the strongest dog crates on the market and we stand behind them. All Rock Creek Crates come with a 10 year limited warranty that covers the parts and manufacture of the crate. Warranty extends to the original purchaser only and is non-transferable. Learn More.

No Assembly Required

Our stationary crates ship fully assembled so you can start using them right away! We aim to make your experience hassle-free.

Shipping & Returns

Great things take time. You're likely looking at around 10-20 days total. Each Rock Creek Crate is custom built in Utah under the highest standards. It generally takes 10-15 business days to build your order. Once it is finished, shipment duration generally ranges from 5-10 business days.

Need it fast? 30" Grey crates ship out the next business day. Depending on your location you can expect your crate within 3-5 business days.

We also offer easy returns/exchange. Learn more.

Bulk Orders Available

If you're a professional looking for a bank of dog crates, inquire here.

Bulk order discounts are available.


See the size chart below and this more in-depth page on how to choose the correct size crate for your dog.

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The Best for Your Best Friend

Unlike flimsy dog crates on the market, our crates are built to withstand the drops, dings, and wagging tails that come with life as a dog owner. From a comfortable indoor dog den to a crash-tested protective space in the bed of your truck, our crates are durable and tough (not to mention airline-approved!). The best part is, each crate comes with a 10 year warranty, is fully assembled, and ready to use.

Grey stationary crate by Rock Creek Crates

Escape Proof

We have specifically designed our dog crates for dogs who struggle with separation stress, or for furry Houdinis who have broken other crates. A RCC can provide your pup with a safe place to rest, nap, play with his toys, and sleep while you are away. Our internal frame provides strength like no other dog crate on the market. For dogs with crate anxiety we recommend adding a door guard.

Grey Rock Creek Crates' stationary crate in a van with a husky

Ships Fully Assembled

All RCC crates ship fully assembled, at no extra cost, so you can start using them right away! We aim to make your experience hassle-free.

Golden Retriever walking out of a stationary crate by Rock Creek Crates that's in a truck bed.

Made in the USA

All of our crates are made in USA with US and global materials.

Certified by the Center for Pet Safety

The RCC's medium stationary crate is the first and only aluminum dog crate to receive a 5 star certification from the Center for Pet Safety. It received a five-star crash test rating – the highest possible – the first time it was tested. Most crates require multiple tests to receive a rating, but our aluminum dog crate's toughness and durability were apparent enough after one test to not require follow-up testing. Click here to read the press release from the CPS.

The Only Dog Crate with an Internal Welded Frame

Our indestructible dog crates feature a professionally welded internal tube frame made of aircraft-grade aluminum, making our products the safest dog kennel for travel on the market and the only lightweight aluminum crate that has been crash-tested by the Center for Pet Safety.

Rock Creek Crates Stationary Crate door showing the durable features such as the latches and solid aluminum bars

A Door Made Better

Our overbuilt doors provide increased ventilation, visibility, and airflow. Not to mention, peace of mind with standard butterfly latches, two panels of aircraft grade aluminum, welded inside and out, and solid aluminum bars.

Choose the Right Size

Getting the best size crate for your dog depends on various factors. There a a few things to consider to get the most ideal fit. The below chart contains examples only. There can be large size variations within breeds; your dog many need to go up or down a size.

Medium stationary dog crate by Rock Creek Crates showing external dimensions

30” (Medium)

30.5” 20.375” 22.5” LWH

Fits most dogs under 22” in height

Example breeds:
English Springer Spaniel, Border Collie, Bull Terrier, Beagle etc.

Crate Weight:
38 lbs.

Large stationary dog crate by Rock Creek Crates showing external dimensions

36" (Large)

36.5” 23.5” 27.75” LWH

Fits most dogs under 27” in height

Example breeds:
Golden Retriever, German Shorthaired Pointer, Weimaraner, Dalmatian, Labrador Retriever, Boxer, some German Shepherds etc.

Crate Weight:
49 lbs

X-Large stationary dog crate by Rock Creek Crates showing external dimensions

42" (X-Large)

42.5” 28.5” 32.5” LWH

Fits most dogs under 32” in height

Example breeds:
Malinois, some German Shepherds, Bernese Mountain Dog, Alaskan Malamute, Mastiff, Cane Corso etc.

Crate Weight:
69 lbs.

XX-Large stationary dog crate by Rock Creek Crates showing external dimensions

48" (XXL)

48” 32.25” 35” LWH

Fits most dogs under 33” in height

Example breeds:
Mastiff, Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, some Great Danes

Crate Weight:
79 lbs.

Rock Creek Crates size comparison chart for stationary dog crate options

Stationary Crate Sizing

Need more help finding the best fit? See our Size Guide for additional information and step-by-step tips.


My dog has separation anxiety, is an escape artist, or is a large breed with high drive. Can this crate help?

Yes, Rock Creek Crates are engineered to hold up to the strongest dogs and outlast other dog crates. Rock Creek Crates are built with an internal welded aluminum frame. This frame acts as a rugged backbone for your crate adding unparalleled strength, structural integrity, and safety. All external features connect directly into the frame giving your crate extra support where needed most. For high anxiety, escape artists, or large/high-drive dogs we highly recommend adding a door guardto your crate.

What is the right size crate for my dog?

View our size guide to determine the best fit for your K9.

Do your crates have a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 10 year warranty on every crate. Click here for more details.

Do you offer financing options?

Yes, we offer financing through Affirm. Click here for more details.

Can I order a custom color?

Can I switch the direction of the door?

Yes! Our crate doors normally open from right to left. However, if you request it, we can switch the direction it opens. Contact us with your specific needs and we’ll customize your crate to suit you and your dog.

Do you offer custom crate sizes?

The aluminum skins we use to build our crates are specifically designed for our listed crate sizes. As a result, we are unable to make custom sizes. We have a list of awesome people who make custom sized dog crates/kennels. Reach out to us and we’d be happy to share their contact information.

Can I take a Rock Creek Crate on a commercial airline flight?

The stationary crate can become airline compliant with the IATA kit, which can be found on our Accessories page. Each airline has specific requirements for flying with pet cargo; we highly recommend contacting your chosen airline in advance.

Are your crates crash tested?

We worked with the Center for Pet Safety when designing the newest version of our stationary crate. Our stationary crates have been crash tested and will receive their official report from the Center for Pet Safety in early 2021.


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