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Crate D-Rings

Add functionally to your crate with multipurpose D-Rings. Simply attach D-rings to your crate via threaded inserts. D-rings connect directly to the crate frame and from a sturdy attachment point to safely secure your dog crate during transport even on rough, bumpy roads. 

Need tie-down straps? Add the heavy duty multipurpose Vehiclex RATCHET STRAPS we used during crash testing to your order. 


    • A D-ring is a D-shaped metal ring used primarily as a lashing point in a tie-down system. Simple to instal, D-Rings add an easy connecting point through which to tie down your crate.
    • Effortlessly installs to crate via four threaded inserts. Includes 4 D-rings and 4 thumb screws. If needed, can be easily removed when not in use.

    • Powder coated steel D-ring
    • Easily add and remove as needed.
    • Four 3/8 inch D-rings and four 10 MM thumbscrews
    • Note: the RCC D-Rings are compatible with the latest version of RCC crates and fit all crate sizes.

    • If you order D-Rings with an Aluminum Dog Crate they will ship with your crate order. Individual D-ring orders will ship directly to your door within 5-7 business days.

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