Professional-Grade Dog Crates

Designed for demanding dog care environments, our crates are built to last, ensuring superior durability and safety. Ideal for trainers, breeders, and kennel operators, they streamline operations, simplify maintenance, and provide a secure, comfortable space for all dogs. Elevate your business reputation and service quality with Rock Creek Crates.

Rock Creek Crates stationary dog crates are shown in multiple colors, stacked

Stackable Interlocking Corners

All of our dog crates come equipped with stackable interlocking corner guards, making it effortless to create a stable, vertical arrangement of crates.

These guards enhance safety and stability, ensuring a secure setup for both trainers and dogs.

Perfect for optimizing space, this vertical stacking design conserves floor area while maintaining easy access to each crate.

Rock Creek Crates professional bank for dog crates, stacked

The Only Dog Crate with an Internal Welded Frame

Our Stationary Crates stand apart as the only dog crate featuring an internal welded frame, setting a new standard for durability and safety.

Crafted from high-quality aluminum, this robust design provides unparalleled strength and security for your canine companions.

Notably, it is the first and only aluminum dog crate to receive a 5-star certification from the Center for Pet Safety.

This prestigious recognition underscores our commitment to providing the safest and most reliable containment solutions on the market, ensuring peace of mind for both pet owners and professionals.

Van and Trailer Builds

Our specialized van and trailer builds are designed to seamlessly integrate with your mobile pet care and training needs.

We focus on custom solutions that optimize space, ensure the safety of your animals, and enhance the efficiency of your operations while on the move.

Our builds offer durable, secure, and well-ventilated environments that cater to both comfort and functionality.

Trust our expert designs to transform your van or trailer into a premier mobile facility that stands up to the demands of professional dog handling.

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