Best Aluminum Dog Crate of 2021!!

Best Aluminum Dog Crate of 2021!!

In July of 2020 eXtreme Upland, an online hunting blog and podcast, set out to test, compare, and discover the best dog crates on the market in Northern America. Over the course of six months they used and reviewed 12 different dog crates. Rock Creek Crates was one of them. In their recent article, "Best Dog Crates of 2021" they deemed Rock Creek Crates the "best aluminum dog crate on the planet"!

Read the review from the article: "Best Dog Crates of 2021".

By: C.J. Steely


"The eXtreme Upland staff have personally reviewed many dog crate options available in North America. Listed below are some of those crates we reviewed.  We used the kennels in conjunction with our various hunting pursuits. Most of the crates have seen thousands of miles and hundreds of hours of use. eXtreme Upland hunts with over thirty different dogs and ten different dog breeds from smaller Springer Spaniels to larger retriever breeds. Our recommendations come down to those crates we felt offered the best value for our money, proved the safest, the most versatile, and best constructed. Additionally, we evaluated the effort it took to work with the different manufactures to gauge the people behind the crate's interest in servicing you, their customer. 

There are some really good dog crate makers out there. Many of these dog crate manufacturers make products that are long-lasting and, in some cases, may last for a lifetime if properly cared for. The four crates we are recommending are worth the investment. They will certainly prove more spendy than a box store plastic crate, but over the long run, not only can they keep your dog safe but will prove more economical as you would only need to buy them once.

Rock Creek Crate Review

Rock Creek Crates was imagined in a garage by two buddies, Jed and Mike, two professional hunters/breeders of champion Golden Retrievers who were tired of replacing cheap plastic dog crates. In cooperation with the Carlsons, the team set out to build the best aluminum dog crates on the planet. Mission accomplished!

The result is a dog crate with an internal welded frame resulting in the sturdiest metal dog crate on the market. The professionally designed crates were innovated from professional hunters/breeders building what they needed for their use and transportation of valuable hunting dog assets.

The crates sport ample room and ventilation, come standard with a non-corrosive powder-coated finish and a 10-year warranty. The crates are IATA compliant, offer a high anxiety version, and are five-star crash-tested crates.

As we used the crates to transport in and out of the field, it was apparent to our hunters the attention Rock Creek paid to the smallest quality detail. The professional door locks and assembly, the completely welded door construction, and the uniqueness of the frame assembly all speak to excellence. 

Rock Creek Crates are surprisingly relatively lightweight. Rock Creek Crates have designed handles on both top ends of the crate allowing a hunter to easily move the kennel in and out of their pick-up, or to be hauled around effortlessly by two hunters. There is an innovative pull handle located on the front of the crate just below the door for adjusting the position of the kennels once placed in a pick-up or a trailer.

The crate’s material is lightweight yet durable. The construction proved ideal for transporting our dogs during warmer weather. The canvas optional crate coverings help insulate the dogs in colder weather requirements. The kennels have ample interior room and oftentimes we would use the crates to transport two dogs simultaneously.  The crates have well-designed drain holes for ease of cleaning and maintenance. 

Because of the company’s humble roots, Rock Creek is very responsive to their customer’s needs and are continually working to tweak any potentially needed modification(s).

Possible Considerations: 

The price point of the Rock Creek Crates ($749) is pricier than some other plastic or composite crates product alternatives. The Rock Creek Crates are designed, however, for a lifetime of use as a proven five-star crash-tested product, to transport your dogs in and out of the field for decades to come. They need to be approached as a long-term quality investment. 


Rock Creek Crates are a remarkable professional and an attractive mobile dog transporting option. They look great, and the dogs love to ride inside of the well-proportioned interiors. The professional quality, and exceptionally well-designed full metal framing, make the Rock Creek Crate an excellent investment for many hunts to come."

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