Collapsible Dog Crates Are Both Sturdy And Convenient

Collapsible Dog Crates Are Both Sturdy And Convenient

Even the most aesthetically pleasing dog crate likely doesn’t exactly enhance your home décor. According to Woof & Beyond, some of the most desirable and comfortable places for a dog crate are in the bedroom or living room. When pet parents want to clear up space or spruce up the area for guests or holidays – where should the crate go? This is where collapsible dog crates come in, and they’re sturdier and easier to use than many may think. Learning how to fold up a dog crate is simple, and once you know, you can always break down and store it in a matter of seconds. Unexpected company? Tucking away the dog crate isn’t going to be a chore.

Collapsible Dog Crates Are Both Sturdy And Convenient

Why Choose A Collapsible Dog Crate?

Before diving into how to fold up a dog crate, it pays to learn just why you might want to opt for a collapsible dog crate in the first place. A few reasons why a collapsible dog crate may be preferable to a stationary crate are:

You’re a frequent traveler – If you travel frequently with your dog, a collapsible crate may be easier than a stationary one when it comes to packing up your vehicle before a big trip. Stationary crates can fold down and be tucked away, allowing you to slide the crate under a seat or simply put your luggage on top. If you have a smaller vehicle or are planning to take a smaller vehicle on a trip, a collapsible model may be your ticket to taking the crate along if a stationary crate won’t fit comfortably in the car.

You have limited space at home – With limited space, it can be tough to maneuver around a crate no matter where it’s located in your home. A collapsible crate gives you all of the benefits of having the crate for your dog, but it’s easy to tuck away and hide under the sofa, under the bed, or in a closet when not in use. You can free up space, while your dog has their own space exactly when they need it.

A crate doesn’t fit in with your home décor – A meticulously designed interior is something to be proud of, and a dog crate doesn’t have to take away from that. A collapsible dog crate can be set up in seconds when it’s needed, like at nighttime or when a dog would be left home alone, and broken down just as quickly when it’s not in use so it may be tucked away. Additionally, it makes it easy to crate dogs while they cannot be supervised, especially if dogs tend to get into destructive behaviors while at home alone.

How To Fold Up A Dog Crate

Collapsible Dog Crates Are Both Sturdy And Convenient

If you’ve decided that a collapsible dog crate is for you, it’s crucial to learn how to fold up a dog crate to ensure you’ve mastered its construction and you can break down or set up with ease.

Not all collapsible crates are created equal, but the RCC Collapsible Crate really thought of everything when it comes to both structural integrity and ease of break down and set up. Learning how to collapse a dog crate with this unit requires just a couple things – figuring out how to remove the side rails and finding the simple side panel thumb screws.

On the collapsible kennel, you’ll find side panel screws located on the side panels of the crate, and these are used to create eight additional points of connection to provide optimal stability out of a collapsible design. You’ll also see two side rails hiding the collapsible seams on the side panels of the crate.

To collapse the crate, simply remove these screws first and store them by screwing them into the bottom of the side rails hiding each seam. Once the screws have been removed and stored, remove these side rails to reveal the collapsible seams.

After the screws and side rails have been removed, unlock the butterfly latches at the top of the crate by the back and front panels, allowing you to push the front and back pieces of the crate inward. With the front and back tucked inside, you’ll be able to simply fold the side panels inward at the seams. 

What you’re left with is just the slim top and bottom of the crate, with the sides tucked inside; a design that’s built to be stored away with ease. In its collapsed position, the crate can be locked with butterfly latches to ensure it’s easy to carry and won’t unfold until you’re ready to set it back up once again. The side rails lock on top of the crate using butterfly latches to keep all pieces of the collapsible kennel stored and safe.

Crate Set Up

After you’ve learned how to fold a dog crate, you’ll also need to master how to set it back up. To set the crate back up for your dog, first undo the butterfly latches holding the side rails in place on the top of the crate. Once these are removed, unlock the butterfly latches in the front and back that are holding the crate in the collapsed position.

With the side rails removed and the crate unlatched, you can simply pull the top of the crate upward using either the front or back handle, allowing you to pull out both the front door panel and the back panel with ease. Once these are in place, lock the butterfly latches to securely adhere them to the top of the crate.

With latches re-secured, replace the side rails, remove the thumb screws from their secure position in bottom of the side rails, and replace the screws into their position at the front of the crate.   

How Strong Can A Collapsible Crate Really Be?

The main reason why a dog parent would opt for a stationary crate over a collapsible crate is strength; believing that a stationary crate must automatically be more structurally sound when compared to a collapsible one. While it’s true that a collapsible crate has additional seams to allow the crate to easily fold down, that doesn’t mean any strength has been compromised.

The RCC Collapsible Crate is made from aircraft grade aluminum, a material chosen for its strength, durability, and strength to weight ratio. On the door of the crate, the aluminum bars provide strength and security, especially alongside the inside and outside welding construction.

With the RCC Collapsible Crate, you’re getting the strength, durability, and peace of mind of a stationary crate, but with the benefit of easy setup and breakdown.

Collapsible Dog Crates Are Both Sturdy And Convenient

Why Travel With A Collapsible Crate?

Even the most even-keeled dogs can get wary in new places, and making your dog feel like he or she is at home is crucial to a happy trip. A few reasons to keep a crate with you while traveling with your dog are:

Better security while you’re away – When dogs are in a new space, they may act a bit differently than they do at home. New smells, new routines, and unexpected excitement could put your dog on edge or make them more excitable, which can lead to unexpected behavior. Having a collapsible crate is an easy way to ensure you can keep your dog safe and secure while you’re on any trip.

A relaxing space to ease anxiety – Travel can be an anxious experience for dogs and their pet parents. In a place with new sounds, smells, and surroundings, even relaxed dogs may feel some anxiety. A collapsible crate is a simple way to transport a safe space for your furry best friend. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up, and your dog has a den they can retreat to for feelings of safety and calm.

Keep your routine – While adapting to a new routine while traveling may be easy for people, it can be a bit confusing for your dog. If you put your dog to bed at home, or you keep your dog crated while you’re out and about, bringing a crate along with you allows them to keep this comforting part of the routine they know.

Keep hotels or rental properties safe – When staying in a hotel or rental property away from home, your dog may be more prone to separation anxiety due to stress than they would be at home. Having a crate there for them that you can use while you’re away from your home base keeps them safe if these feelings should arise. Not only will they be protected from any harm they may do to themselves, you’ll be protected from any property damage they could cause as well.

Taking Care Of The Collapsible Crate

Whether you use the collapsible crate every day, or you reserve the crate for travel, they’re built to last through the tests of time. To keep the crate clean, the high-grade aluminum only requires a quick hose down with a little gentle soap to successfully take care of any messes that may occur. Aluminum is not known to rust under most conditions, and it has naturally high corrosion resistance. Allow the crate to air dry, or wipe dry with a soft cloth, and you’re ready for use again.

The RCC Collapsible Crate comes with a 10-year warranty to ensure pet parents have a crate they can rely on for many years to come. For dogs and the people that love them, it’s an option that works in any space, for any lifestyle, and with any dog looking for a comfortable and safe space of their own.

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