The Holidays Are Upon Us – Here Are The Gifts Dog Lovers Love

The Holidays Are Upon Us – Here Are The Gifts Dog Lovers Love

The holidays are upon us once again, and this could only mean one thing – finding the perfect gift for the dog lovers in your life! Dogs are the most popular pet in the US, with more than 65 million households owning at least 1 dog according to Forbes. There are millions of dog lovers across the US, and this presents a need to know just what gifts for dog lovers the ones in your life want this year.

The top 13 gifts for dog lovers in 2023 are:

1. Collapsible Dog Crate

There’s one gift that every dog lover needs, and that’s a good, sturdy, and crash-tested crate. A collapsible dog crate is even more portable, making adventuring equal parts fun and safe. Dogs are natural den animals, so they come to love their crates. They’ll seek out these cozy spaces for comfort, relaxation, and those great naps, especially when outfitted with a blanket or a well-made crate mat.

The Holidays Are Upon Us – Here Are The Gifts Dog Lovers Love

Dogs quickly love their crates, and their people feel the same way. With a crash tested collapsible crate, pet owners have peace of mind when traveling with their dog in the car, knowing they’re safe should an accident occur. If the dog lovers in your life like to travel with their best friend by air, a collapsible crate keeps dogs safe and comfy during any flight. If a dog is a chewer or gets a little naughty when they’re bored, a crate keeps dogs safe from themselves when their people can’t keep an eye on them during the day or night.

2. Pet Safe Candles

Dogs like to get outside and have fun, and sometimes that means bringing a bit of that “doggy smell” along with them. Pet parents tend to get a little nose blind to the aroma their best friend leaves behind, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely unaware it’s there. Pet safe candles can help to freshen up the home during those soggy days, summer days, or cooped up winter days when the doggy smell tends to take over.

Not all candles are pet safe candles, and it’s important to find those that use limited synthetic ingredients and natural wax bases. It’s important to remember that dogs have much stronger senses of smell when compared to humans, and they may be more sensitive to air pollutants as well.

3. Pet Portraits

If there’s one thing that all dog lovers love to do, it’s showing off their pets. Pet portraits done by artists are a unique and meaningful way to turn pets into prized home décor. These portraits can be painted, drawn, or digitally designed, and they have a special way of capturing personalities or unique pet characteristics.

For families with multiple dogs, pet portraits can even be done to include all dogs in one portrait, beautifully capturing the personalities of each one.

4. Dog-Friendly Silicone Baking Molds

According to NielsenIQ data, today’s pet parents are more health conscious than ever. As a matter of fact, over the past couple of years, pet products boasting “human-grade ingredients” grew in sales by 48%. This means more families are looking toward what goes into their dog’s diet, including what they’re giving them for treats. There are tons of healthy, human-grade, and tasty pet treat recipes out there, many of which are so simple that even the most novice bakers or makers can master them.

Dog-friendly silicone baking molds are gifts for dog lovers that both pet parents and pets can love equally! These are perfect for baked, refrigerated, or frozen treats, and they’re made with a safe BPA-free construction to keep these healthy treats healthy. They can be found in different breed shapes, paw print shapes, and bone shapes among others.

5. Matching Collar And Bracelet Sets

Best friend necklaces or bracelets are always special – especially when they’re shared with your furry best friend! While dogs aren’t big on necklaces or bracelets, they do wear collars, and these matching sets make it easy to match your pup. These sets come with one collar for your dog, and a matching bracelet made from the same fabrics and patterns. They come in a wide variety of different colors, patterns, and even materials so they’re perfect for suiting any style.

6. Portable Water Bottle

Adventuring makes you thirsty, and it makes your dog thirsty, too! Portable water bottles for dogs make it easy to carry plenty of water for your pup no matter where your day takes you. These often come with lap-friendly openings or bowl-like attachments to make on-the-go drinking simple without making too much of a mess.

7. Fashionable “Waste” Bag Holder

When a dog has got to go, they’ve got to go, and its pet parents that are left cleaning up the mess. Taking your dog on a walk around the block, or a hike through the woods, means coming prepared with the “cleanup supplies” you need to leave the area poo-free. Stylish waste bag holders with biodegradable waste bags take the cleanup and make it fashion. Some of these can even be found with additional compartments to hold car keys, ID or credit cards, and – of course – a couple of well-deserved treats. They clip or Velcro onto bags, leashes, or belt loops so you never have to be embarrassed by forgetting the waste bag.

8. Dog Puzzles

During the winter months, some dogs may not get quite as much enrichment time as they do during the spring, summer, or fall months. The days get shorter, the air gets colder, and the next thing you know – you have a pup with too much energy and not enough opportunity to burn it all away. This is where pet puzzles come into play.

The Holidays Are Upon Us – Here Are The Gifts Dog Lovers Love

These puzzles can be found in different skill levels, and the focus is on hiding treats within the puzzle that the dog must then sniff, scratch, and figure out a pathway to. They engage dogs of all sizes and breeds by encouraging them to use their noses and their brains to work out how to get the tasty stuff inside.

9. Treat And Toy Subscription

What could be more fun than getting a good package every month? Treat and toy subscriptions for dogs might include grooming products, foods, treats, and plenty of toys to keep both pet lovers and their dogs well taken care of. Many of these are semi-customizable, allowing you to make adjustments for allergies, size, or preferences as you need.

If you want a more toy-focused box? There’s a subscription for that. A focus on clean or organic products? You can find a subscription for that, too. Not only are the boxes fun, they also introduce dog lovers to new brands and new products that may quickly become their new favorites.

10. Dog Cameras

Many pet owners have to leave their dogs at home during the day while they work, when they go out with friends, or while they’re running errands. Even if you’re gone just a couple of hours – our dogs miss us, and we miss them, too!

If your dog is uncrated during the day, dog cameras give pet parents an easy and fun way to check-in with their pets whenever they want. These gadgets have simple accompanying apps that make it easy to check in on dogs home alone in real time, and many allow you to talk to or even treat your dog from anywhere.

11. Dog Shower Sprayer

Some dogs love a good bath, and others…not so much. Either way, a dog shower sprayer makes the grooming experience easier for everyone. These sprayers are strategically shaped to rinse out shampoo quickly and comfortably, allowing an even line of water to target the fur washing the soap down and away. Along with the unique shape for easy rinsing, they have ergonomic handles to keep bathing comfortable for everyone.

The Holidays Are Upon Us – Here Are The Gifts Dog Lovers Love

Also called “pet wands” they’re easy to attach to existing sprayers, shower heads, or faucets.

12. Personalized Treat Jar

A bag of pet treats doesn’t add much to the aesthetic of a kitchen counter, but personalized pet jars fix all that. These jars are just as cute, kitschy, modern, vintage, or eclectic as any other sort of cookie-type jar, but they’re adorned with custom graphics and the pet’s own name. Not only do they make your treat stash a bit more fashionable, but they also help to keep treats fresher for longer. Along with silicone pet treat molds, they make a perfect gift for the crafty and health-conscious dog parent.

13. Pet Hair Remover

While dog parents love their dogs more than just about anything else, that emotion doesn’t usually translate to the hair they leave behind. On the sofa, after a good cuddle session, it’s not a unique experience to look down and see a pile of fur where your dog once was.

While regular vacuuming can take care of the bulk of the hair, it doesn’t often eliminate it all. Pet hair removers are made with pet hair specifically in mind, and they make easy work of keeping hair off of furniture, car upholstery, and even those hard-to-reach places on the floor. There are pet hair remover devices in all different sizes, including those large enough to do a deep clean of large carpets for those families with particularly hairy dogs.

A Booming Pet Care Industry Means There’s Gifts For Everyone

According to Fortune Business Insights, the pet care market grew from $235.32 billion in 2022 to over $246 billion in 2023. By the year 2030, the market is expected to grow to more than $368 billion. With such a huge market out there, there’s plenty of useful and thoughtful gifts for dog lovers no matter your style, breed of dog, or unique need.

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