What Crate Size Do I Need For My Goldendoodle?

What Crate Size Do I Need For My Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles have become a pretty big deal since their “official” debut in the 1990s. First bred in the 1960s by Monica Dickens, the great granddaughter of Charles Dickens, they were to serve the purpose of guide dog work for people with various special needs. In the next few decades, the popularity of this pup began picking up steam, culminating with the first official breeding program and breed group – the Goldendoodle Association of North America – both founded by breed enthusiast Amy Lane. 

As of 2021, the Goldendoodle has become one of the top 5 most popular dog breeds in the United States according to Rover.com. It’s not just Americans clamoring to welcome Goldendoodles into their families, they’ve also become “top dog” in the UK as well in recent years according to The Guardian.

Why Goldendoodles?

With all of the dog breeds out there, what’s so special about Goldendoodles? This isn’t a question those with Goldendoodles need to ask, and some traits that attract owners to the breed include their gentle nature, intelligence, fun loving temperament, family friendliness, and often tolerance for those with dog allergies. In short, they take all of the best traits of Poodles (like intelligence and family friendliness) and combine them with all of the best traits found in Golden Retrievers (like a fun-loving temperament and gentle nature.) The result is a family-oriented dog ready to take part in every adventure that comes their way.

What Crate Size Do I Need For My Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodle Size

The size range for a Goldendoodle can vary widely. Crossed between a Golden Retriever and a standard Poodle, they’re typically larger dogs – but just how large may vary from puppy to puppy even in a single litter. Typically, a medium sized Goldendoodle from medium sized parents will range between 30 and 45lbs. A larger Goldendoodle from larger parents, however, can be anywhere from 50 to 90lbs according to FiveBarks.com. Some Goldendoodles with a Miniature Poodle parent, rather than a Standard Poodle, can be even smaller ranging between 15 and 20lbs.

When figuring out what size dog crate for a Goldendoodle, it may pay off to wait until they’re close to full-grown to invest in a lasting crate if you are unable to get a good look at the size of both parents.

According to Canine Journal, the Goldendoodle Association of North America places the breed standard for Goldendoodles at between 20 and 24 inches in height with a weight of 50 to 90lbs. This would mean the most suitably sized crate would be either medium or large depending on the size of your dog. Some Goldendoodles, however, may grow to be particularly large and be most suitable for an X-Large crate.

Sizing Your Goldendoodle For Their Crate

Sizing your Goldendoodle is important when it comes to finding the perfect crate. While most Goldendoodles will reach between 20 and 24 inches in height, that’s not the only measurement that matters. Before investing in a crate, first measure the height of your dog from the bottom of the paws to the top of the head with your dog standing on “all fours”. After you have their height, measure the length by running a tape measurer from the tip of the nose to the base of your dog’s tail.

With your measurements in hand, you want to seek out a crate that is about 2 to 3 inches taller than your dog’s height, and 2 to 3 inches longer than your dog’s length. When in the crate, your Goldendoodle should be able to comfortably enter, turn around, and lay down with ease.

What Crate Size Do I Need For My Goldendoodle?

Why The Right Size Matters

It might be tempting to forego the whole measuring process and instead just opt for “something bigger”. Afterall, your Goldendoodle will be even happier with more room – right? Not necessarily, and the reason can be found in why dogs take to crates in the first place.

According to Wag, dogs are natural den animals who take to small, cozy, and comfortable spaces. This is a behavior that dates all the way back to when dogs were wolves, long before they became the domesticated family companions we know today. The perfect den would be a snug fit, nice and dark, where they could feel safe and protected during rest. This is an instinct that stuck through many thousands of years of domestication, and modern dogs still seek these spaces out for comfort today.

While pet parents may believe that a more spacious crate is more comfortable, because that’s what humans would want, this doesn’t cater to a dog’s natural den instinct. When seeking out a den space for rest, comfort, and relaxation, what a dog wants is a space “just big enough” rather than one that is too roomy. 

On the flip side, a crate that is too small will be uncomfortable and even anxiety-inducing. The dog won’t be able to get comfortable enough to rest, and their positioning may even put them in pain or discomfort.

When too small causes discomfort, and too large may lead to an inability to rest and relax, it really shows why taking proper measurements and choosing what size dog crate for a Goldendoodle is the right one is so important.

What Crate Size Do I Need For My Goldendoodle?

Why Crate Train My Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles are highly intelligent and often easygoing dogs, so many pet parents may be wondering why they should crate train in the first place. There are many reasons why crate training is important for Goldendoodles, some of which include:

  • It helps with housebreaking – Whether you have a Goldendoodle puppy, or you’ve rescued an adult Goldendoodle, housebreaking can be one of the most frustrating parts of acclimating a dog to your home. Dogs naturally will not want to “mess” in the areas where they eat or sleep, so a crate presents a perfect solution. A crate trained dog can be kept in their crate to avoid accidents around the home, and they’ll notify you when they need to go. This can help to limit accidents and therefore limit setbacks in the housebreaking process.
  • Protects property and your dog from destructive behaviors – Goldendoodles are highly intelligent dogs, and when a highly intelligent dog goes under-stimulated for too long, this can lead to destructive behaviors. A bored dog is a dog who will “look” for something to do, and what seems fun for them may not be fun for you and your belongings. Additionally, destructive behaviors can be just as dangerous for your dog as they are for your shoes, furniture, or other things.

    When you’re unable to watch your Goldendoodle, having relaxing time in the crate can help to save them from engaging in these destructive behaviors. Not only will they be more comfortable in rest mode, but a destruction-proof crate will keep them safe from anything around the house that could cause them harm.
  • Can help to alleviate anxiety – Due to their intelligence, some Goldendoodles may be more prone to anxiety when compared to other breeds. According to Brave Paws, Goldendoodles are prone to separation anxiety in particular, but general anxiety is not an uncommon issue with such intelligent breeds.

When dogs grow anxious due to separation, a strange sound, a thunderstorm, or any other trigger, their physiological and mental response is not dissimilar to that of a human. They will begin to panic, triggering the “fight or flight” response within their body. This response could lead your Goldendoodle to try to escape the home by destroying windows and doors, and in the absence of an ability to escape, they may try to release this energy through chewing or other destructive behaviors instead.

When you’re out of the home, there is no control over when a trigger may or may not occur. A day out may come with an unexpected storm, a trip to the store could coincide with local fireworks, or simply being away from you could be enough to trigger a panic response from your dog.

A crate is a safe space for your dog. It’s a space that will help them to feel safe, secure, and comforted whether they’re with you or not. In some instances, dogs may even choose to retreat to their crate even with their owners home if an anxiety trigger, like a storm, does occur. With a tough destruction-proof crate,  your dog is kept safe from any destructive tendencies as well as feeling more secure.

  • It gives your dog a space to wind down – Particularly for young dogs, wind down time is important. Goldendoodles can have quite a bit of energy, and making sure they behave appropriately for the time of day or when having guests is important. A chew, special toy, treat, or puzzle they can enjoy while in the crate gives them a space where they can retreat, decompress, and wind down until they’re calm once again.
  • Safer travel – Traveling with your Goldendoodle is a big part of a fun life together, and pet parents will want to make sure their dog is kept safe while in the car. A crash-tested crate keeps them secure and protected during travel whether by car or air.
What Crate Size Do I Need For My Goldendoodle?

The Right Sized Crate Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving

A crate is a space for your dog to be kept safe, it’s a space that helps your dog to feel more secure, it’s a safe way for your dog to travel, and it’s a “room” they can call their own. Once you learn what size dog crate for a Goldendoodle you need, and you choose a safe, tough, and secure crate option, you’re ready to give you and your dog some much deserved peace of mind.

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