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Our Story


Tough crates don't build themselves, you know. Here's how it happened. Years ago, it became clear to Jed Packer, long-time dog breeder and kennel owner, that the crates he'd been using for years weren't cutting it. Isn't it funny that so often you start something great because things go wrong? It was 2014. After breaking yet another plastic crate, Jed Packer knew he could make something better. With a knack for ingenuity and a whole back lot of experience with dogs, Jed and his partner Mike made a jump for it and Rock Creek Crates was born.

Six years into the gig with growth underfoot, 2020 started a new chapter for Rock Creek Crates. Jed's daughter Chalyce and son-in-law Shawn Carlsen bought the business.

Shawn has several years working for one of the world's largest roller coaster companies. Chalyce grew up raising dogs with her dad. Her natural understanding for dogs' habits and needs, coupled with Shawn's passion for elite design make them a great team.

Nestled in the mountains of northern Utah, at the heart, we are a small team of friends/family who want to make good, honest stuff for good, honest people.

At Rock Creek Crates, everything we do is geared toward quality, creativity, safety, and adventure; we work to bring you products are built to be amazing - just like the dogs who use them.

Really want to know us? Watch the video below.

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