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How We Built the Best Travel Dog Crate

When it comes to protecting your dogs, don't just trust any crate. We couldn't find a durable option that could hold up to our demands, so we created the best dog crates for traveling on airplanes and vehicles. With years of dog-owner experience under our belt, we started by reimagining and redefining what a travel crate should be. Then we got to work engineering the most durable travel dog crate for dog owners everywhere. No matter how far you need to go, you can count on our travel dog kennels to get your dog there safely and securely. Every component of our crate system was carefully tested to ensure complete protection while transporting your dog.

Durable Enough to Withstand Any Trip

Rock Creek Crates are approved for airline travel and are the perfect size for fitting inside a vehicle or the bed of a truck. Easily transport your dog everywhere you go with our sturdy crates. Each crate is welded with aircraft-grade aluminum, which can handle everything thrown its way — including dogs with high anxiety and large dogs. 

The internal welded frame makes our travel dog crate the sturdiest on the market. With its stainless steel and aluminum design, our stainless steel locking slam latch puts any fears to rest. If you need to fly your dog in cargo, our travel dog kennel will keep them safe. 

What if it gets dirty while you're out and about? No problem. Our crates can be washed down quickly and effectively while the wash-out holes in the bottom keep the water from pooling inside the crate.

Customizations for Comfort and Security

Shop our custom accessories to keep your dog comfortable during those long journeys. Dogs can stay cool or warm with our insulated dog crate covers, no matter the weather. Plus, our dog crate pads reduce joint pressure and provide cushioned support.

Travel Crate Covers

Travel in any weather is easy with our insulated travel kennel covers. Lined with foam insulation to protect your dog from the elements, they fit securely over the aluminum crates. Our dog travel crate covers repel mildew, mold, and odors because they're made from water-resistant material. Don’t let snow, sleet, rain, or wind impact your travel plans; our travel crate covers keep your dog crate dry to and from the car or in the back of a truckbed.

Travel Crate Pads

The extra cushion from our travel pads will keep your dog comfortable during long flights or trips in the car. It's water and odor-resistant, and strong enough to hold up to powerful paws and wagging tails. You can easily remove it from the kennel for quick cleaning after a long road trip.

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