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Travel puts neverending demands on dog crates. The truth is, when it comes to having something sturdy enough to keep up with you and your dog, flimsy plastic and wire crates don't cut it. Rock Creek's travel kennels are the new industry standard for dog travel crates. They're proudly made in the USA, and we offer an industry-leading 10-year warranty. This will be the last crate you'll ever buy.

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How We Built the Best Travel Dog Crate

When it comes to protecting your dogs, don't just trust any crate. We couldn't find a durable option that could hold up to our demands, so we created the best dog crates for traveling on airplanes and vehicles. With years of dog-owner experience under our belt, we started by reimagining and redefining what a travel crate should be. Then we got to work engineering the most durable travel dog crate for dog owners everywhere. No matter how far you need to go, you can count on our travel dog kennels to get your dog there safely and securely. Every component of our crate system was carefully tested to ensure complete protection while transporting your dog.

Customizations for Comfort and Security

Shop our custom accessories to keep your dog comfortable during those long journeys. Dogs can stay cool or warm with our insulated dog crate covers, no matter the weather. Plus, our dog crate pads reduce joint pressure and provide cushioned support.