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Grooming Pad

Size: Medium
Transform your dog crate into the perfect grooming space with the RCC Grooming Pad. Our grooming pad has an adhesive backer that securely attaches to the top of our Rock Creek Crates and turns your crate into a comfortable grooming surface for your prizewinning pooch. Zero slippage, guaranteed! Make grooming easy and accessible wherever you are. This accessory is often combined with our Dog Crate Grooming Arm and Dog Crate Wheel Cart.
  • Grooming Dogs Just Got Even Better

    These pads are durable enough to go the distance, yet soft enough to provide a comfort pad and zero slippage. Make grooming easy and accessible wherever you are.

    Helpful Tip: This grooming pad is designed to fit the newest style of Rock Creek Crates and is often used in conjunction with the RCC Wheel Cart and RCC Grooming Arm.


    • Non-slip surface
    • Easy to clean
    • Adhesive backing easily removes and allows pad to stick on top of your crate
    • Tailor fit to all Rock Creek Crate sizes
    • Note: Crate not included

    • If you order an Aluminum Dog Crate your pad will ship with your crate order. All other grooming pad orders will ship directly to your door within 5-7 business days.

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